Monday, December 23, 2013

fresh start with a new blog

I have been on Tumblr for years, building up the only blog I've known for so long. But today I decided to branch out from Tumblr and start a new page. My Tumblr has a pretty strict direction; fashion, art, etc, and I feel like at this point it'd be hard to break that mold, so I started this; My Life in Writing. 

I enjoy writing very much, I'm also good at it, and have found even over this past semester that is serves as a positive outlet for me, so here goes nothing. This blog will serve as my place to write about whatever I please (to an extent), and will give me the freedom to post what I like, what inspires me, and anything else that I feel I need to without being within the mold of my other blog, which is fashion.

I am looking forward to having this freedom to post what I please. Read it if you wish, if not, that's fine too. I am just happy to be writing without being controlled by the restrictions of my other blog, aka fashion.

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