Monday, December 23, 2013

Back in the yoga studio; such peace and serenity

So, I've been on Christmas break for a couple of days now, but I've really just been lounging around, not getting much done. Before college, I was always in the yoga studio (Ashtanga, for those of you who may be wondering). I was practicing 4-6 days a week, then I got to college and it all kind of, well... stopped. For me, even just being in the yoga studio, surrounded by good people, in a serene setting, of course smelling of incense, just gives me great vibes altogether. I could just spend a day in the studio without even practicing and still be completely satisfied with my day.

But tonight I decided to head to the studio and begin practicing again, and let me tell you, it felt great. I walked into the studio and immediately felt at home. It smelled wonderful, was warm, and I was greeted immediately by wonderful people. By no means am I trying to brag or exaggerate, but the yoga studio just feels like a second home, and I had forgotten how good it felt to be back after so long.

It was a Mysore class, which I was nervous about going back to simply because it had been so long since I practiced at all, but I was just fine. I went through primary series, getting tired rather quickly, but feeling good the whole way through. I finished my practice with rest pose (as always) and felt great after making my way through the series.

I got up feeling refreshed and happy to be back in such a wonderful atmosphere. I then ended my night getting a late dinner with my mom, a good family friend, and one of our friends from the studio, and now I am here, sitting in bed, writing this post about how wonderful my evening was.

I am extremely happy I got myself up to go to yoga, and I am looking forward to heading back to the studio over my Christmas break, as well as getting back to school to check out the Ashtanga studio in town.

I had forgotten how much I loved yoga, and how much peace, happiness, and serenity it brought me.

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